String Algae and Green Hair Algae Control

Do you have a string algae or green hair algae problem in your pond? Don’t feel alone. String algae takes advantage of disrupted systems all over the country! In fact, string algae is one of the first things that can take advantage of excess nutrients in pond water.

What leads to excess nutrients? In many cases of string algae or green hair algae, if you had a spring pond clean out every year, you are basically guaranteed a string algae problem. While the traditional line of thought on spring clean outs has been positive, the negatives are often outweighing the temporary clear water you may receive. A clean out removes all nutrients, good and bad, and leaves the pond water blank. In this situation, if you don’t immediately dose your pond water with beneficial pond bacteria, you will have string algae take over your pond.

String algae takes full advantage of new pond ecosystems and recently cleaned out ponds. The only way to provide your pond with string algae control and pond algae control of all kinds is by helping it to establish a healthy ecosystem. If you notice a pond that has been established for a long period of time, you will see that it does not have a string algae control problem. The ecosystem of the pond removes the excess nutrients to cut off the food source of the algae, thus eliminating your problem with string algae and all types of pond algae.

To control algae naturally, you will need to regularly treat your pond with oxygen effervescent pond debris removers and beneficial pond bacteria. Natural Oxygen based Pond Debris Removers work as your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove string algae, green hair algae, blanket algae, pond scum, and debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams, and anywhere else algae build-up has occurred. If used regularly, you could help eliminate the need for annual pond clean-outs. Beneficial pond bacteria and enzyme treatments contains beneficial electrolytes, enzymes and pro-biotic microbes that work synergistically to reduce ammonia, uneaten koi and gold fish food, koi and goldfish waste, pond sludge, organic debris, pond scum, and other excess nutrients that cause poor water quality and clarity in ponds and water gardens.

Eco Pond Supplies oxygen based pond debris removers and beneficial pond bacteria ensure the highest quality available in the pond industry.

For String Algae Control and Green Algae Control, Eco Pond Supplies recommends Hydro-Topia ™Bacteria and Enzyme Treatment especially for ponds full of excess algae growth, green water, and poor water clarity, Eco-Vescence Natural Oxygen based Pond Debris Remover to quickly and safely remove string algae and green algae debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams, and anywhere else algae build-up has occurred, and Eco-Buster Natural Plant Based Pond Debris Reducer as your consistent pond-helper to stabilize your pond’s micro-nutrients and safely reduce string algae debris from rocks, waterfalls and streams.

If S.A.B. or EcoBlast worked for you, switch to Eco Pond Supplies Eco-Vescence or Eco-Buster and treat at least twice a week for four weeks, and we guarantee a noticeable difference in your string algae overgrowth and pond scum build-up, or your money back.

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