Pond Algae Control

If you go to a mountain stream or an established naturally occurring pond and waterfall you do not notice any algae growth. Why, you may be asking yourself, is the water crystal clear and free of green water? The answer is found in nature’s balance. If your pond has not reached this balance yet, not to worry. Using nature as our guide, we can naturally combat algae in ponds and find that balance you are searching for.

To combat algae in ponds, we need to get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is simply an imbalance of nutrients. If we balance the nutrients, the algae disappears. We do not want to use harmful pond chemicals to kill the algae because the root of the problem will not be corrected. The only way to correct the algae growth in your pond is by using natural alternatives that will act as nature’s correctives that bring the balance of nutrients leading to crystal clear pristine water quality.

Ponds tend toward nutrient overloads due to the lack of naturally occurring processes that are found in nature. For example, if you have koi or gold fish and you feed them daily or twice daily, any uneaten fish food could lead to excessive nutrients. Koi and gold fish waste can also lead to high levels of ammonia in your pond. Any organic debris that falls into your pond such as twigs or leaves that are not removed can also lead to nutrient excess. The good news is you can add organic neutralizers that will break down these nutrients and literally remove them from your pond completely, thus your pond will be free from algae outbreaks just like you would find in nature.

To control algae naturally, you will need to regularly treat your pond with beneficial pond bacteria and oxygen effervescent products. Beneficial pond bacteria and enzyme treatments contains beneficial electrolytes, enzymes and pro-biotic microbes that work in symphony to reduce ammonia, pond sludge, uneaten koi and gold fish food, koi and goldfish waste, organic debris, pond scum, and other excess nutrients that cause poor water quality and clarity in ponds and water gardens. Natural Oxygen based Pond Debris Remover works as your strongest line of defense to quickly and safely remove string algae, blanket algae, scum, and debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams, and anywhere else build-up has occurred. If used regularly, you could help eliminate the need for annual pond clean-outs. These natural oxygen products restore a natural electrolyte balance to the pond with a slight buffering effect to prevent dangerous pH swings.

Eco Pond Supplies beneficial pond bacteria and oxygen based pond debris removers ensure the highest quality available in the pond industry.

For Pond Algae Control, Eco Pond Supplies recommends Hydro-Topia ™Bacteria and Enzyme Treatment especially for ponds full of excess algae growth, green water, and poor water clarity, Eco-Vescence Natural Oxygen based Pond Debris Remover to quickly and safely remove algae debris from rocks, waterfalls, streams, and anywhere else build-up has occurred, and Eco-Buster Natural Plant Based Pond Debris Reducer as your consistent pond-helper to stabilize your pond’s micro-nutrients and safely reduce algae debris from rocks, waterfalls and streams.

If S.A.B. and EcoBlast worked for you, switch to Eco Pond Supplies Eco-Vescence or Eco-Buster and treat at least two times a week for four weeks, and we guarantee a noticeable difference in your pond algae control and pond scum build-up, or your money back.

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